HundrED’s 100 Inspiring Innovations of 2019

For the second year in a row, our Student Government Lotteries were selected by the global non-profit HundrED as one of the top 100 inspiring educational innovations worldwide! HundrED is a global non-profit organization which seeks out and shares inspiring innovations in K-12 education worldwide, not only to spread worthy practices between teachers and schools, but also between countries.

For the selection process, HundrED researched and interviewed over 1000 initiatives, assessing whether they addressed a problem from a new perspective, whether they provided real impact, and if they could be used elsewhere. Each selection is featured on their website and includes information, media, and a basic toolkit illustrating how others might implement the innovation in their own schools.

To see Democracy In Practice’s feature and explore HundrED’s list for other great innovations, visit HundrED’s website here.

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