Democracy In Practice Presents at Frontiers

One of our co-founders, Adam Cronkright, had the opportunity to present 7 lessons we’ve learned about lotteries through our work in schools at the Frontiers of Democracy Conference last month in Boston (USA). His talk also gave an overview of the work being done with Citizens Juries, Citizens Assemblies, and Deliberative Polls around the world, and challenged the audience to think of other contexts beyond schools where lotteries should be used.

Adam was part of a great panel of speakers that discussed the history, theory, and growing practical use of lotteries to reform democratic decision making in a variety of contexts. The other speakers were Terry Bouricius (FairVote, USA), Chris Ellis (MASS LBP, Canada), and Linn Davis (Healthy Democracy, USA).

You can watch Adam’s full presentation or the full panel (as a playlist) below:

Adam’s Presentation focusing on Student Government Lotteries (17 min)

The full ‘Beyond the Ballot’ panel (49 min)

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