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We experiment with democracy.
We experiment with democracy.
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Randomly selected student government in Quintanilla finishes first term!
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Student government in Quintanilla finishes first term!

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Democratic innovation has a long history, and these days it's happening all around the world.
Democratic innovation is happening all around the world.

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newDemocracy Funding Will Allow Look Into the Way Communities Experience Democratic Innovation

A recent award of funding from the newDemocracy Foundation (nDF) will enable Democracy In Practice to conduct innovative empirical research into the way that communities experience change to their systems of government. The research project will use Democracy In Practice’s student government-based projects as case studies to explore the shift from elected governments to those that are randomly selected and rotated…


Visit from US Teachers and School Administrators

In July, a group of ten teachers and school administrators from the US visited us. They came to Cochabamba as part of the Dragons Professional Educator Course, and were being treated to a tour of ours and the Fundación Abril’s projects. So, by day’s end they got to see and learn about a neighborhood-owned and -operated water treatment plant, organic student gardens, rain catchment systems, the Andean School of Water, and the randomly selected and rotated student government in Valle Alto!


Observing Community Elections in María Auxiliadora

On Sunday we were invited as official observers of an election for the directorship of a community in the southern part of Cochabamba. María Auxiliadora is a very well-known and progressive community, founded fifteen years ago on the principals of collective land ownership and largely female leadership. Although the community had been unified for its first decade, over the past five or so years they have become very divided, and from we can gather most of the divisions are rooted in the issue of land ownership…


Student Government in Quintanilla – First Term of 2015

Last week, the student government in Quintanilla finished up it’s first term of 2015. This group of randomly selected student volunteers had to overcome some difficult challenges, but on the whole these past four months were a success for them as student leaders and for us as their advisors…


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If you’d be interested in volunteering for Democracy In Practice please let us know! We’re in particular need of those with graphic design and illustration skills.

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Fantastic new short video promoting #sortition and @Davidvanrey's book, Against Elections - check it out!…

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